Adamo S.r.l. comes from many years of experience in the field of Video diagnostics in various specialties, we boast always for beeing characterized by an innovative technology equipment and more evolved than the competition present on the market.
Our core business is represented by products for gynecology and dermatology.
In recent years we have developed a system of videodermatoscopy and a system of videocolposcopy which proved to be some of the most innovative and completes of those on the market, features that have enabled us to become one of the largest companies related products for videodermatoscopy and videocolposcopy. Our company is also always very attentive to the customer’s needs, taking care of the smallest details on after-sales service for this purpose we have made at our facility a laboratory equipped with advanced equipment and skilled personnel, able to quickly solve all the problems of our equipment as well as most of the problems related to medical equipment and IT in general. The research and development is in constant growth thanks to a close-knit team, that have been able to develop several products that will be launched on the market in the coming years. At the end of 2017 we acquired a new headquarters of 1.000 sqm, were we improved all the manufacturing process, we created also a training area for doctors and our sales team. In this new offices we certified our manufacturing area with ISO9001 as further proof of the great quality of our products.

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