About us 

Our company was founded in 2007 in Salento, in the heel of Italy, following an important research project for the extraction of an active ingredient derived from Vitis Vinifera, surrounded by olive trees and centuries-old vineyards, it is today one of the leading companies in the creation, development and production for third parties of Food Supplements, Medical Devices and Dermo-Cosmetic products.

Aneva Italia is an independent company, we have partnership with national and international brands. Partnership is first and foremost believing in the same values. It is the common belief  in wanting to offer the market the highest possible quality, with a correct commercial path. It is sharing an entrepreneurial vision from the start and making available the scientific skills and technological tools  to pursue it. And always in partnership we operate in a Full Service logic: from the Idea to the finished product.

Aneva Italia In recent years it has focused mainly on the development of foreign markets, on the investment of cutting-edge systems and technologies and on the continuous Research and Development of innovative solutions and unique products that create trends on world markets. 

Aneva Italia has promoted the export of the uniqueness and exclusivity of “Made in Italy”.

 Our strengths, recognized by the market, are quality, reliability and above all a strong innovative vision . Aneva Italia collaborates with important research centers such as the University of Salento and the University of Ferrara.

Aneva Italia with its laboratories and the preparation of its employees, researches and develops new formulations, innovative ideas and unique solutions for the products of the future with particular attention to the health and well-being of man and the environment, we operate with a system of certified quality UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 13485 and ISO 22716 in accordance with good manufacturing practices. Constant and continuous quality, complete traceability for each production batch.


Cosmetics, medical devices, food supplements: Three production sectors, infinite possibilities for innovation. Competence and technology come together to give life to UNIQUE and innovative products in different forms and in multiple types of packaging.

    Food supplementation plays an active role in promoting individual well-being and in responding to one’s daily health plan. The laboratories of Aneva Italia develop and supply dietary-food supplements and products on behalf of third parties in different pharmaceutical formats and different types of packaging with particular attention to nutritional compliance and the search for always innovative and quality formulas. We develop quality supplements, specifically designed for many functions, with attention to nutritional compliance for the health of the body and for the harmony of vital processes.

Cosmetics : Experience and specialist expertise in the production of cosmetic products for health and the treatment of face, body and hair, as well as targeted treatments to protect the skin from the signs of aging at all ages. Aneva Italia is able to guarantee a complete production, filling and packaging service while also proposing the study and development of new design ideas for packaging creativity. We are a state-of-the-art company in the design and production of dermo-cosmetic products for third parties, through certified production processes and working methods. Aneva Italia is able to provide the customer with high quality products, dermatologically tested and with raw materials and ingredients subjected to strict chemical-physical and microbiological controls.

Medical devices: For years, Aneva Italia has specialized in the production on behalf of third parties of Class I, IIA, IIB and III Medical Devices. The production is focused on specific types of medical devices that are very useful for the treatment of particular symptoms and ailments and are designed to respond effectively and innovatively to our health problems. The production of medical devices for third parties is carried out by Aneva Italia through a highly controlled and rigorous work process in order to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the product and maximum safety. The scientific expertise and in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical technique of Aneva Italia laboratories is necessary for the creation and production of CE medical devices.

                             From the Idea to the finished product !

Our specialty is our competence in the creation of  innovative and quality formulas 

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