Angeletti is a blend of history and modernity, active in the business from over 80 years. The company is based in Rome and its flagship store is in the city center, Via Bocca di Leone. The location is the key shopping area housing high end fashion brands, an open-air shopping mall which is unique in the world.

The brand “Angeletti 1940” is built upon generations of exceptional customer service, an innovative spirit of creativity and skilled production. Through this experience, the brand has developed and mixed a tacit understanding of the international fine jewelry market with the art of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Angeletti’s point of strength is a unique service to its customers, beyond the average in offering original handcrafted products to selected clients. Customization always meets customer expectations. 

Using the timeless quality of a traditional brand, along with dedicated craftsmen, the jewelry house is intent on providing the experience of original jewels to discerning clients around the world. Regarding the markets served by Angeletti, besides Italy, the following countries represent the immediate target for Angeletti: USA, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

The success mix is made of in-house design, outstanding selection of stones and great care for details.

The production is focused on fine jewellery (i.e. necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings and cufflinks for men). The range of retail price is between Eur 2,000 and Eur 30,000. Signature unique pieces can exceed the upper bound.

All collections are manufactured in 18kt gold with diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones, coral, opal, pearls and a touch of modernity is also achieved with carbon fiber and titanium.

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