Giubileo Botanicals was born from years of research and experimentation on food supplements. The founder is Dr. Elisa Giubileo, Clinical Pharmacist specialist in food science.
The company mission is oriented to the development of natural compounds based on medical plants, for human health and well-being.
The Giubileo Brand characterizes the project and takes its name from the creator. It is an Italian brand, evocative, easy to memorize.
All compounds are entered in the Register of food Supplements at the Italian Ministry of Health.
The complete Line of Giubileo Botanicals Supplements includes: 30 references, grouped into 10 Macro-areas, which fully respond to the main health and well-being requests in Pharmacy.
Immune defences energy and support:(disease prevention, fatigue)
Well-being of hair and Nails: plants rich in minerals and amino acids to strengthen and improve their appearance.
Control of body weight and well-being of legs (weight – loss obesity, cellulite, capillaries, tired legs, haemorrhoids).
Well-being of man and woman: menstrual pain, menopause, prostate, sexual well-being
Sleep and stress: insomnia, agitation depression
Cardio vascular wellness: cholesterol, metabolic syndrome pressure
Well-being of stomach, liver and intestine: digestion, nausea even in pregnancy, abdominal bloating and gas, constipation.
Joint pain and well-being: pain from trauma, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel.
Eyes and sight wellness: maculopathy prevention, tired eyes
Cough control: dry and oily cough, low voice, hoarseness.
Each product is composed of dry extracts of medical plants concentrated and opportunely combined to offer to the customer a Natural effective and Quality Answer.
Heath claims described into each label are those taken from the European BELFRIT list drawn up by France and Belgium. Each plant can be found in different compounds.
In the label is written in capital letters Claims that summarizes the healthy purposes of that products. (Therapeutic indications)
The design is essential elegant and clear. Each Macro Area is represented with a different colour, making it easy for the consumer to choose a professional product, different from the many available on the market today.
The description on the label is clear both for consumer than for the operator who has to recommend the product.
Giubileo line is proposed also in a small display box which can be combined according to the professional choice.
The line was created with the information support of the web-site www.giubileobotanicals.com, which allows to obtain with a simple “click” information on the right product for every needs.
On the web site it is possible to find the technical data sheets, for each products, with detailed explanations on dosages and duration of treatment.
Articles that deal with the main topics of health and well-being are periodically published and collected under the heading “Our advices”the same ones that with 2 issues per month are published on Company social networks.


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