Since 2014, Brochesia has been developing intuitive and innovative Augmented Reality solutions available on Smart Glasses, smartphones, tablets and PCs. Our digital applications are designed to facilitate remote collaboration in different fields and support different activities.
The three main areas of application are:

  • Production/Maintenance/Training on the job
  • Healthcare
  • Safety/Security

Our two software solutions are:

  • B View, for remote collaboration
  • B Step, to create and execute digital workflows

B View is the software solution that allows to collaborate remotely and interact in real time. B View allows you to take advantage of the features in Augmented Reality such as drawing, sending images anchored in space, etc. For example, B View facilitates and optimizes communication between an experienced remote operator and a field technician who can be guided in the execution of tasks by wearing Smart Glasses. B View is useful not only in the field of maintenance and inspections but also in all those fields where it is essential to transfer knowledge, such as training, operational training, telemedicine.

B Step instead, allows the creation, management and execution of digital operating processes (workflows). Using B Step with Smart Glasses, or with smartphones/tablets, you can view in Augmented Reality the contents and the different activities that are part of a process directly on the display of the device. B Step guides the user step by step through the correct execution of the single tasks of the procedures and drafts the reports at the end of the process.

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