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A family business, craftmanship as in the past

Frescolat dairy has been operating in the piedmont area of ​​the Marca Trevigiana since 1994.

Over time, the family-run company, while retaining its roots in the territory and the passion for the artisan dairy tradition, has implemented an internal transformation with a constant look towards the future. Started in San Vito di Altivole (TV), the company changed headquarters in 2010, moving a few kilometers away to Caerano di San Marco, in a larger and more modernized plant that can count on flexible and cutting-edge production.

Frescolat produces a wide range of fresh cheeses, in particular stracchino and ricotta which represent the flagship of the company’s production, and other products of the local dairy tradition.

The processed domestic milk comes from farms located in the Treviso area that daily deliver their fresh milk exclusively to Frescolat.

To meet the new market needs sensitive to sustainability, Frescolat also offers a line of certified organic cheeses produced with organic milk and a line of cheeses with goat’s milk from sheepfolds in the Veneto foothills area.

In 2020 the company launched a new processing line for stretched curd products which includes the production of burrata, braids and mozzarella knots produced with 100% Italian milk. A process where craftsmanship and freshness come together to ensure high quality production.


Km 0, a quality choice

Frescolat co-operates with local farms, selected after careful research that rewards quality, safety and 0 Km production.

The national cow’s milk comes from stables located in the province of Treviso, in particular in the western area of ​​the Marca, while goat’s milk is produced by some sheepfolds in the Montello area, located in the Treviso area as well.

The organic milk used is completely supplied by certified and verified companies in which the animals are raised in an ethical way and can graze in a sustainable, comfortable and stress-free environment, producing organic milk, always fresh and genuine.


The supply chain

An art that transforms milk into cheese

Guaranteed, safe, reliable: Frescolat’s production chain operates 365 a year, without interruptions: the milk is collected daily from trusted stables and processed the day after delivery, after the necessary cooling and careful checks.

The processing and transformation, carried out according to the highest production standards, are followed by the maturation phase and internal maturing: the typical cheeses are matured in wooden scales, according to the artisan method of the past.

Once maturing is complete, the cheeses are packaged – the stracchino is still rigorously packaged by hand -, stored and distributed by the efficient logistics service so as to reach the tables of the final consumer very quickly.

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