MozzaRisella is a great innovative project for the development and production of 100% vegetable food products. Passion and true innovation in the field of natural nutrition. 


Tasty products taken from the Italian culinary tradition prepared with high quality ingredients and without using any animal derivative, for the maintenance of our health, for psycho-physical well-being, for environmental sustainability and for the love of all animals.


  • The need to find valid and healthy plant alternatives;
  • The intent to not exploit any animal;
  • Respect and protection of the environment.


Continuous and passionate search for new tasty dishes always using safe ingredients of the highest quality and made following criteria of environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and respect for crops and animals.



Through the support of sustainable agriculture experts, researchers and nutritionists who have spent over ten years researching unique innovations in the food sector, our intention is to offer an ever-expanding range of 100% plant-based products with high quality constantly in the foreground.

Customer’s health and passion for innovation combined with respect for the environment are at the center of our vision.

The rediscovery of the unique value of whole grains as a primary food for humans and for maintaining health has led us to resume the ancient values of rice cultivation.


We have recovered original methods of sowing and harvesting that respect the territory, studied the importance of the sprouting phase of the grains of organic brown rice to obtain the uniqueness of our base to create fresh 100% vegetable alternatives.

This innovative and incomparable process keeps all the nutritive and vital elements of the grains they come from intact and complete.

Being aware that changing our dietary habits can be beneficial to both humans and animals and the environment is the foundation of self-growth and is and will continue to be the driving force behind continuous research to improve ourselves. This is our Mission!

By eating well you can live better and longer while respecting the whole planet!


The levels of consumption of animal-derived food products in the most advanced societies have currently reached the threshold of NON-sustainability for both the planet and for human health.

Our products are born from the desire to respect the environment and all animals, safeguarding human health and giving them the possibility to enjoy culinary delights.

“Living in harmony with what nature thought was best for us” embodies the thought that led us to the realization of projects that are close to our personal motivations and lifestyles.

We are two artisan companies working in the field of organic and alternative food production, based in the provinces of Treviso and Vicenza, between Asolo and the Lessinia Park. Our companies are oriented towards a philosophy that is more and more respectful of the environment and animals, aimed at safeguarding human health while giving the possibility to fully enjoy good tasty food.

Moreover we are all perfectly aware that compassion and empathy towards other creatures can only improve our spirit and, at the same time, our health too.

The ethical and vegan cuisine is increasingly being appreciated for its lightness and creativity.

The “Food Pyramid of the World Health Organization” recommends first cereals and then vegetables and fruits at the base of our diet, giving animal foods, refined sugars and fats an increasingly marginal role.

MozzaRisella is the first of many other products we have in our range, always selecting high quality while respecting nature.



Intolerance to lactose and other substances is a problem that affects 70% of the world population and sees an exponential increase of intolerant individuals depending on age and geographical area: the absence of allergens makes our products suitable for everyone , especially for those who are lactose and gluten intolerant.

Brown rice includes many nutritional components, such as: carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fibers, vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids such as γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and particular phenolic compounds, such as ferulic acid esters and phytosterols (γ-oryzanol). These phenolics are antioxidants, antimutagens, and seem to play an important role in maintaining health.

On top of this, since our products are of 100% vegetable origin, they do not contribute to deforestation, to the reckless consumption of water and to the killing of other living beings; in other words, they also generate health for the planet that hosts us!

It is in fact now proven * that the breeding of livestock for food is responsible for:

  1. 51% of greenhouse gas emissions;
  2. 91% of Amazonian deforestation;
  3. Extinction of 100 animal species a day;
  4. Water pollution;
  5. Use of 50% of the cereals produced in the world for livestock feeding.

On the other hand, the consumption of plant-based food compared to the consumption of food of animal origin, requires a 16 times lower land use, 13 times less water use, 11 times less oil use and CO2 emissions production lower than 50%.

There is therefore more than one good reason to approach a plant-based diet!


“Health is on the Table”, as the food we eat is the basis of our well-being.

Doctors and food experts increasingly recommend a well-balanced plant-based diet which, if followed correctly and by choosing high-quality foods, is absolutely able to provide all the proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary for good health.

Numerous studies confirm that the high consumption of animal proteins increases the risk of developing tumors, diabetes and heart problems. The oncologist Franco Berrino (Ist. Dei Tumori of Milan) argues that most of the visceral dysfunctions are based on errors in nutrition and little movement. The recommendation of the world of scientific research is to base daily nutrition on foods of a predominantly plant-based nature that are not industrially refined.

This kind of nutrition, if well planned and studied, can be followed by individuals in all stages of their life cycle, including pregnancy, breast feeding, childhood and adolescence, and for professional sportsmen as well.

“The benefits produced by eating a plant-based diet are far more diverse and impressive than any drug or surgery used in medical practice..”

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