Despite its over 70 years of history, Gagliazzi Srl is a young, dynamic, and continuously growing company, always searching for new products and new stimuli. Born as a butcher shop in 1950, Gagliazzi Srl has always been able to reinvent itself and keep up with the times. With the generational change the gastronomy department was added, and a CE stamp laboratory was subsequently opened to produce ready meals for bars and restaurants We cater to bars, restaurants, catering chains and large retailers. Currently our company serves well-known catering chains in Italy with vacuum cooking products and products cooked and packaged in a protective atmosphere designed for the quick lunches that customers make in bars.

As for vacuum-cooked products, we provide restaurateurs with a semi-finished product to be completed as they wish, so that they can create different dishes with only one single semi-finished product. This allows a significant reduction in personnel costs, definite costs, no waste and constant quality. Concerning bars and large-scale distribution, we supply ready meals packaged in protective atmosphere. To regenerate them, it just needs piercing the film, e.g., with the tip of a knife, and heating them up for a few minutes in the microwave. We are constantly growing and always looking for new challenges and new markets Outside the national border, commercial relationships with really advanced market like USA, not only impose to the Company a supply chain that track every ingredient used and every batch produced, but also the constant attendance of qualification and update, as entail the inspections from international organisms like the American Food and Drug Administration.
For this reason Gagliazzi’s products are CE brand, an identification which allows the international sale and proves the quality of the products.

the company is certified ISO 22000 2018




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