IGAM S.p.A. is a leading company in manufacturing and distribution of underwear, homewear and beachwear and was born in 1986 from an inspired entrepreneurial idea. Today, under the leadership of Di Gennaro family, it operates in the lively and industrious field of textile and apparel industry and its presence is felt across Italian and European market thanks to its wide distribution network.

Its rich collection is composed of the following brands (which are registered trademarks in the European Union): NOTTINGHAM, the most famous one, which is focused on men’s and women’s underwear and homewear and is addressed to the wholesale channel; NOTTINGHAM SPORT and NOT ME, which is aimed at a younger and demanding audience; BIMBISSIMI, which satisfies the needs of newborns and children; LEGEA, a well-known licensed trademark, with its comfortable and sporty lines; Q.BO’, an international brand which aims at a medium/high target – with prices that remain competitive – and takes inspiration from homewear and glamour stylistic themes.

IGAM S.p.A. is one of the top Italian companies in this field and constantly operates in order to enrich its selection of products through the creation of innovative lines, the use of the best raw materials and the unceasing style research: this allows IGAM S.p.A. to successfully face the new challenges of a global and competitive market.

The brilliant results of these last years ensue from a high-level managerial organization, sophisticated technologies, experience and knowledge of both management and operating staff, that guarantee creativity, fast response, handcrafted manufacturing, comfort and excellent fit.

The company personnel consists of more than 50 direct employees and all the activities take place on a 9,000 sqm surface, which includes an industrial factory, an office building and a warehouse.

We manage the flux of all company procedures by digital and IT means, so that we are able to provide an integrated logistics service, with obvious and positive consequences on punctual deliveries and overall efficiency.

In order to provide a global service to our customers, our supply and sales chains are subjected to strict quality controls, so that we can constantly assure really high standards.

In this highly competitive context, where the consumers makes always more selective choices according to their own needs and to market trends, our main goal is the maximum satisfaction of the final consumer with the best value for money.


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