Magma Macchine, with over twenty years of experience “in the field” produces in Italy mainly using Italian parts and components, machines and plants to mix, dose, spray, inject or pour polyurethane foam and glues, even filled, epoxy materials, phenolic resins, silicon resins, and, generally speaking, bi or more components resins. Our machines find application in the most varied industrial sectors, for example in the construction sector, with our polyurethane hot spray machines for insulation and polyureas for waterproofing, in the furniture sector with our machines for the production of mattresses, in that of continuous lines to produce sandwich panels, with distributors of adhesion promoters or glues for rock / glass fiber sandwich panels lines, in the chemical  sector with systems for dosing and mixing of several components, in the recycling sector with our machines for the coloring and bonding of rubber chips from end-of-life tires  and re-bonding of flexible or rigid polyurethane scraps, to sector of automatic gluing plants  in the most varied variations of materials. 

Beside our broader production array, actually what characterizes us is the strong engineering vocation for the “non-standard” production; we can really and with a sustainable investment, design, engineer, manufacture and even commission and start up special nonstandard highly customized machines and plants 

We can summarize all Magma Macchine world in three words Reliability, Custom tailoring, Service, words that lead our company and manufacturing process, as well as Innovative, Passionate and Professional that define our value proposition.


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