Milano Fresh is based in Milan (I) , we are specialized worldwide exporters of all the best Italian fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, but also items from the oldest Italian farming tradition such as  wines, extra-virgin olive oil, canned vegetables recipes and typical cheese.

Our group unites the very best of Italian fresh produce production made up by approximately 100 farmers, cooperatives and  organizations of producers (OP) from the Alps down to Sicily . We aim at giving our customers the very best in taste and food safety according to season , with an eye to providing the best possible logistical service according volumes and our clients’ needs.

We serve different types of clients:

  • Supermarket chains
  • Hotel, Restaurants and Catering chains
  • Wholesale markets ( traditional food distributors and gourmet purveyors)

Once we have the confirmation order from our client, we organize the logistics, which is always at a controlled temperature. We pass the orders to our different growers and take the pallets from them directly to the client. This happens when we have orders of full pallets from the same grower.

On the other hand, we also do mixed pallets with more 20-30 articles on the same pallet. We take different articles from the production to our logistic platform in Milan, then we build mixed pallets, and finally they arrive directly to the client.

Every single shift of our produce always occur  at a controlled temperature.

Milano Fresh has achieved the IFS and BRC standards and certifications  and has always chosen its partners under very strict rules, not only aimed at ensuring the top of quality but also the top in food safety :

  • Global Gap certification or others, like organic, IFS and BRC ( thus ensuring good agricultural practices employing the lowest possible levels of pesticides and chemical residues in the production of healthy goods , if not organic at all)
  • Tracking systems of the products
  • Associated hazard and risk analysis system or HACCP
  • Food defense management
  • Food fraud management

Moreover since ethical issues and social responsibility have become of utmost importance in the last few years, Milano Fresh has decided to take part and being testified by BOLLINO ETICO SOCIALE® to respond to SEDEX’ requisites in terms of ethics and social responsibility

This type of structure gives us the following benefits:

  1. we are always updated on the international market situation, thank to the continuous communication with our clients;
  2. We know everyday the Italian fields’ state and availability thanks to our collaboration with our multiple growers spread around Italy.
  3. We have the structure and the strength to support large and small volumes both for Supermarkets chains or for Ho.Re.Ca clients
  4. cold chain is always kept under control from the moment of loading by the producer to the customer
  5. Every article and product is certificated, controlled before the departure and tracked, so client has the possibility to trace it and see the origin

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