In 2011 the Niederkofler family established the company Nanoalps GmbH

Nanoalps is a research and development company in applied geotechnics and consulting and at the same time is your distribution partner for the various Nanoalps systems with technical monitoring and supervision. Through the company owner – Mr. Georg Niederkofler, the company Nanoalps GmbH can also utilise the vast experience of the civil engineering company Alpenbau GmbH. It was after all this company which brought the company Nanoalps GmbH into existence. Nanotechnology involves the specific production and use of processes and nano materials, which are more than 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of human hair. In this way the use of tiny materials becomes possible. Georg Niederkofler became immediately inspired by this technology as he witnessed the binding abilities of the material during the initial tests which were undertaken. Here the earth from a molehill was bound with polymer and cement, which would never have been possible without the use of the polymer. This result fascinated him so much that he got heavily involved in the research and development of this new technology.

Nanoalps® is a silicium polymer additive and finds its primary use as an additive for building materials which interact with hydraulic binding agents in the nano range and which drastically expands upon and improves the utilisability of the existing materials and is especially suitable for use in areas which are ecologically sensitive areas such as nature parks, and protected landscape areas etc.Through this constant further development, several systems were developed which can be utilised in various sectors of the construction industry, and which have already been used in such sectors.


  • Protects natural resources
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Is not toxic
  • Usability of on-site materials
  • Abolition of disposal costs
  • Drastic reduction in transport costs
  • Reduction in emissions


  • Reduction in building costs
  • Reduction in maintenance costs due to a longer life cycle


  • Reduction in the construction time
  • The use of standardised building machinery

Improvements in the technical characteristics

  • An improvement in the elasticity values
  • Increased tensile strength and load capacity
  • Longevity
  • Improved resistance to frost
  • Successful cement hydration process even with the presence of organic materials such as earth, silt, clay


  • European patent – n. EP2256098 B1
  • Patent issued 27-04-2011
  • „Nanoalps“ brand registration nr. 009148271 carried out on 15-11-2010

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