FOURTY-FIRST° Luxury Organic Skin Care for Men is the exclusive brand of Opesaxis srl

Opesaxis srl is an Italian luxury cosmetics company founded by the Giordano family. Apulia, to the 41st Parallel, where it all begins: our history, our philosophy and our identities. We are specialised in luxury cosmetic sector for Spas of 5 Stars Hotel and exclusive boutique – perfumery.

Innovation and Nature

Our Organic Skin Care Luxury Collections are designed to offer the absolute reconnection with Nature and discover the benefits of the most modern and advanced cosmetics. The research and careful selection of our natural organic raw materials offer an exclusive journey among excellence made in Italy: from Puglia to Trentino, from Tuscany to Sicily, from Calabria to Sardinia. An experience of authenticity and pureness among Mediterranean landscape and its essences, which makes unique our Organic Skin Care Luxury Collections. The expertise of our laboratories has revolutionised the High Cosmetic by creating

“High Tech – Organic Cosmetic” that result from years of research to combine the High Tech Cosmetic with Organic Cosmetic and restore beauty and health to the skin, preserving its integrity and its cellular DNA.

“Antigravity formulations” and “push-up complexes”, “high-tech synergies” and “multitasking strategies” become an authentic and powerful booster aimed to prevent, stimulate and repair skin that is showing signs of ageing and increasingly signs of environmental and digital stress.

Innovation and Sustainability

Attention to the person and respect for the environment inspire all our philosophy even in the choice of our award-winning packaging for its avant-garde airless and bio-technology single-dose. The unmistakable style of our packaging is designed exclusively for our Luxury Cosmetic Collections, where the elegance of design meets the ability and the unique value of “handmade”.


The passion for nature and its extraordinary balance has always inspired and guided our scientific research to offer a new concept of Bio- wellness for the skin’s beauty, health and longevity.

The taste for discovery, the rigour of excellence, the search for innovation, the constant challenge of time, the art of patience, the responsibility for made in Italy: a vocation of the Giordano family, which for more than 25 years in the Luxury Wellness-Skin Care sector offers unique results, sealed one by one by the perpetual and tireless work of guaranteeing the highest standards of excellence 100% Made in Italy.

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