Petrol Instruments is a world leader in the manufacturing of PD flow meters since 1970. Our Company is 100% Italian and also the raw materials are purchased from Italian suppliers to grant an higher quality of our products. We have the most extended production range available worldwide, from 1” to 16” with max flow rate up to 2000 m3/h and, with our unique vertical integration of design-production-testing and our production flexibility, we represents the only worldwide manufacturer able to meet the exact customer needs. Thanks to our proven technology  and our consolidated experience in liquid metering systems since 1970, we commit to supply what is the best solution for your application.  With more than 50 years of experience, the high accuracy and reliability of our products coupled with our unique manufacturing flexibility allowed us to become the trusted supplier for high precision instruments:  a Company and products you can always rely on. Our mission is to design the most reliable and accurate solution:

  • for any liquid
  • for any industrial application
  • for any customer need

Petrol instruments technology is based on two floating type rotors synchronized by means of timing gears outside the measuring chamber that provide “no metal to metal contact” between the parts composing the “base volume” which is therefore not subject to wear.

This ensures:

  • superior performances in terms of accuracy, repeatability and stability with time
  • longer life and very low maintenance with minimum operating costs
  • no lost of synchronization in case of few solid particles in the liquid
  • very low pressure drop
  • better performances on very viscous liquids

The constant attention paid to quality, accuracy and adaptation to market requirements have led Petrol Instruments PD flowmeters to be approved for fiscal applications in many foreign countries, to be part of the major vendor list all over the world and to be suitable in any different industrial fields up to the heaviest operating conditions such as

  • high viscosity  up to 50.000 cP
  • high pressure up 150 bar
  • high temperature up 250 °C
  • aggressive liquids measured with stainless steel and plastic versions when needed

We are proud to say that PETROL INSTRUMENTS is one of the few manufacturers in the world of double case PD flow meters totally manufactured in stainless steel, duplex or bronze.


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