The history of our wool mill began in 1972. It was in Valsessera Mountain Community that Pierluigi Fileppo, after gaining great experience as a fabric designer in other woollen mills in the area, decided to set up his own activity, driven by his desire to freely express his creativity. During the following years, between 1975 and 1982, the establishment is joined by the founder’s wife and brother, Vilma and Bruno, and his sister-in-law Cristina. In 1990 the company moved to Pray, in the Province of Biella, where the headquarters are still found today, a small municipality – situated in the North of Italy, in Piedmont, which is rich in a long and uninterrupted wool tradition. Pierluigi’s two sons – Franco and Gianluca – and his nieces – Claudia and Paola – have inherited and carry on the trade, respecting what is now an ancient family tradition.

Raphael prides itself on years of experience and the collaboration of well-known stylist in order to constantly improve and renew its fabrics, adapting them both to classical and more modern design. The starting point of our production, which specializes in various types of fabric, is the choice of raw materials. These are always of top quality, both the pure wool and the more sophisticated fibers, mixed them in order to obtain the best ratio of price to quality. Among our customers we include the major high luxury fashion brands. We are a dynamic group with a continuous proposal of innovative fabrics based on quality, fashion trends and stylistic needs of our customers.

We produce clothing fabrics with various qualities of wool, cashmere, alpaca, angora, mohair, silks and cottons; we are specialists in double coated, stretch, leno weave and jacquard fabrics.

We give our fabrics finishes ranging from classic treatment to more particular finishes.

The use of natural materials guarantees the health of consumers, with consequent appreciation by end users.

The ethical-social sustainability is accompanied by the enhancement of the territory and its natural resources, fundamental points within the company mission, as well as the precautions to reduce the environmental impact. The global standards that we adhere and subscribe to allow us to reduce the impact of the textile industry on the environment: we are proud to join the 4Sustainability and ZDHC roadmap for sustainability, through a series of targeted projects; we are FSC (viscose) GRS, GOTS, RWS, ZQ, NPF and Textile & Health certified.

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