We are a cosmetic company located in Italy.

Our main business is contract manufacturing : among our Italian clients, you can recognize Revlon and Unilever,  on the international market our clients are located in RUSSIA, USA, INDIA, JAPAN, IRAN.

We invest every year 12% of our revenue in R&D.

Since August 2015 we moved to a new factory plant (7.500 sqm) where the production facility is equipped with turbo-emulsifiers which hold up to 3.000 kg and mixers, refrigerating tanks, for a total production capacity of 12.000 kg per day.

Our packing facility is equipped with 5 filling lines for jars and bottles, 3 tube-fillers for both aluminum and PE tubes (100.000 pcs per day), filming, cellophane and sleeve machines.

We are specialized in the production of cleansers, perfumes, creams, emulsions, gels for face, body treatment and serums. We have ISO 9001, ISO 22716, and ISO 13485 certifications.

In the last 2 years, we had less than 1% non-conformity rate and nearly no delays regarding delivery. These are very important factors that have our utmost attention.

Our staff counts 70 people. Since 2008 our revenues increased by +25% every year. This is a family company where our main goal is to help the customers achieve their target without having deal with any trouble.

You can see more info about our company on the website  https://www.reynaldi.it/en/

One year ago, we decided to rebrand and relaunch the “ Dottoressa Reynaldi” brand. We are now looking to place our brand abroad, maybe in Middle East.

Our brand is 40 years old, with a beautiful story, I invite you to read it on our website https://www.dottoressareynaldi.it/en/la-storia/

At the moment it is sold only in Turin based stores and on our website.

We are a crafted Made in Italy brand, with a strong history, but totally avant-garde in terms of technologies and with an excellent factory plant behind it

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