SALPA Srl di Capellupo C. & C. (formerly S.A.L.P.A. SnC) is located in the municipality of Petronà, on the slopes of the Sila Piccola, on a natural terrace about 900 metres above sea level overlooking the Ionian Sea, in Calabria; it has been operating in the agri-food market for over 35 years and, as the Capellupo family, in the mushroom and chestnut sector for over 60 years.

The company’s main and initial objective was to process, transform and market fresh and dried mushrooms in bulk, and chestnuts; it was therefore a seasonal business, linked to the period of production of the goods, which were abundant and of a unique and superior quality in the areas surrounding the town.

Later, from the end of the 1980s, work diversified, introducing a line of preserves in oil that, in addition to mushrooms, also included other products of the soil (chillies, tomatoes, olives, aubergines, etc.), and also, still with mushrooms, the line of frozen and dried products. All carefully selected and packaged in large and small packages.

So, to sum up, SALPA srl works with:
Dried, frozen and in oil Porcini mushrooms
Mushrooms of various kinds frozen and in oil
Frozen vegetables (artichokes, potatoes, etc.)
Frozen berries and strawberries
Various products in oil (dried tomatoes, olives, aubergines, hot peppers, etc.)
Fresh and dried chestnuts


From our forests our history, the centuries-old chestnut trees their fruits.
The Sila, the undergrowth with precious and delicious porcini mushrooms.
This is where our decades-long adventure begins.
Mushrooms and chestnuts, our foundation, our history.

This is where we started, first with the Capellupo family, with several generations, then continued with SALPA di Capellupo C. & C., which, a curious play on words, ‘sailed’ around the world.
Now the world is our point of reference, where, thanks to the work and sacrifice of a competent team, we are offering the delights of our land and our production.


Catalogue: http://www.funghiecastagne.it/catalogo/index.html



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