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Sital Klima works internationally offering air conditioning products, ventilation units and air sanitization solution for civil and industrial scopes.

In 20 years of activity as manufacturer of air handling units technical choices and products flexibility encountered market success bringing to numerous realizations in response to project requirements and specific client’s needs.

We follow a simple business philosophy: offer tailored solutions, reliable and long-lasting.

Important company’s strengths are the ability to adapt products, product range flexibility and performance consistency depending on contexts. This is the result of the strategy will to maintain tight together the main processes, design, production and marketing, to enhance competencies and give prompt responses to clients. Today Sital Klima is an Italian organization whose facilities cover an area of around 8500m2.

Product lines include air handling units (AHU), also in the auto-sanitizing and Bio-hygienic version, recovery units, ventilation solutions, dehumidifiers also with thermodynamic system, roof top, cooling towers. But the business lines are continuously expanding, we always applied a progressive thought fostering researches.

The attention for Indoor Air Quality issues brought to the launch of an exclusive introduction in the Italian market, Bioxigen technology, an innovative microbial sanitizing system developed as a result of investments and of the sensitivity to health and well-being matters. The system has been embraced  enthusiastically also by professionals and scientists which tested Bioxigen in diverse settings, validating its effectiveness. Over time the interest around this technology is increasing and meanwhile are proceeding research projects oriented to greentech, environmental technologies, Bioxigen is being applied constantly in all Sital Klima product lines.

Sital Klima participates to Eurovent air handling units (AHU) program. Eurovent Certification attests the performances of operating equipment in the air treatment industry, and also in the air conditioning and refrigeration field, in accordance with European and international standards.

The CTS series air handling units have been designed taking into account the evolution in building design, architecture matters and the idea to be compact AIR, meeting the increasingly restrictive requirements to fill up less room.

The use of rooftop air conditioners represents the most economical and versatile solution for air conditioning in large and medium environments for service industry.

The rooftop series units ensure great versatility and are suitable for all installation needs. It is available a wide product range, with cooling capacity from 10 kW up to 310 kW, able to satisfy air conditioning requirements of small or very large volumes.


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