Ca’ de Alemanni is an historical site in the province of Cremona, a rural-devoted area in the North of Italy. The first witnesses of this important farmhouse date back to the Fifteenth Century, at that time it was named after Ca’ de Armani and the map reporting it, it is now being preserved at the Official Archives of the Vatican City. Property of the aristocratic family of the Trecchi, an ancient noble family of Lombardy, it has always been run by the family Lazzari. At the end of the Nineteenth Century, the family Lazzari was able to claim the farm and to run it as entrepreneurs. Many generations have passed running the farm as a business and as a family activity, putting knowledge, innovation, human and animal welfare first in the scale of values. Today, Ca’ de Alemanni is a multifunctional organic farm aiming at building a circular value chain, preserving the territory where it is and its community. When Beatrice was born, Alessandra and Alberto decided to switch the whole activity: in 1997 the conversion towards organic farming, for both crops and livestock, began and in 1999 it was effectively certified. So, from the idea to improve the impact of the farm, a new set of innovation took over: the dairy and the didactic site. On one hand tradition and organic are leading values, on the other hand innovation and precision farming represent crucial assets as well. Lately, many innovations have been introduced to improve the quality of products, work and animal welfare. Firstly, a photovoltaic system has been implemented to produce sustainable energy and then a capillary irrigation plant with hoses has been adopted to reduce irrigation water. Secondly, satellite guidance has been settled to all the fleet to improve the yields and robotic milking has been introduced too, with significant improvement in the quality of milk and in terms of cow comfort. Now, Alberto and Alessandra take care of the agronomic and zootechnic part, while Beatrice takes care of the multifunctional side. The dairy – which was built restoring the farmhouses – has now gained a more important value, as it is the essence of the circular chain Ca’ de Alemanni is performing. Every morning fresh milk is selected and transformed by our cheese makers, which are expert artisans who follow our production through every step, including seasoning and affination. A wide variety is produced here, to exploit all the potential of our organic fresh milk to provide a range of tasting experiences. Beatrice is a certified cheese taster and will lead you to explore our organic cheese, from cured to semi-cured, from spiced-ones to spun-paste ones.

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