Forcella produces premium oils and pasta. For generations, the family has produced high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, using only olives grown in the property.

Forcella Company was established in 1924 in Abruzzo, one of Italy’s central regions, with a strong tradition of olive growing. The historical part of the estate is still located in Città Sant’Angelo on the rolling hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea, an area extremely well suited to growing local olive varieties: dritta, leccino, frantoio, intosso. Other orchards were later added in Loreto Aprutino, at the foothills of the Gran Sasso, one of the highest mountains in Italy. The estate has currently 18 hectars of groves (total 36 hectars), 4,500 olive trees and an EVO average production of 100 hectolitres.

Forcella applies Organic Farming method and enhance the virtues of local varieties. Pasta reflects deeply rooted traditions in the region of Abruzzo. Forcella produces its own pasta, achieving a product with its natural color, rough surface and the unique taste of Italian wheat. A short chain that unfolds in 30 square kilometers, with the best craftsmen who have been always supporting our challenge. This is how Forcella makes the little secrets of excellence simple: the protein content and the choice of the variety San Carlo; the water of the mountains and tradition of stone mill; the preference for the artisan technique, with slow drying and low temperature. The great  knowledge of details leads to a result recalling the gold of wheat fields and the culture of our land.

Forcella is present with its products in the main and most important specialized journals and publications and it has taken part for years to the most important international and national competitions, gaining outstanding positions. The continuity of its presence shows a precise product exposure to the assessment and verification of experts and tasters, who participate to the selection panels. The comparison with other excellent products in this field, pushes the company to a never-ending improvement in search for perfection during the different stages of production.





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