Solimè is an Italian company that since its foundation in1975 has been dedicated to the formulation and production of food supplements and phytocosmetics characterized by the particular wisdom of combining the healing synergies of medicinal plants into effective remedies for the well-being of body and mind.

Research, experience, dedication and continuous innovation are the cornerstones on which the company rests firmly and which have recently allowed further innovative developments in the field of medical devices, leading to collaborations with important research centers and conducting the company to becoming a SME, recognized by the italian state.

Solimè guarantees and certifies the entire production chain that starts from the production / selection of high quality raw materials and semi-finished products up to the creation of the finished product.

The great experience and the technical expertise, combined with continuous investments in Research and Development, make Solimè an innovative SME constantly projected towards the search for  substances and the manufacturing of new products capable of meeting the needs of well-being and health of people.

Solimè’s research extends beyond company borders as it boasts collaborations with major hospitals and research centers nationwide for clinical and academic trials on various products.

Particularly significant is the research on colostrum which began in the early 1990s; the continuous commitment and study of this precious substance has led over time to the creation of a range of colostrum-based products with undisputed and recognized re-epithelizing properties and, recently, the innovative Remargina Serum® patent, with important formulation implications

Our strengths

  • Deep knowledge of herbal tradition and Undisputed experience gained over 50 years of activity.
  • Proprietory formulas for effective products for oral and topical use.
  • Cutting-edge extraction technologies without the use of chemical solvents or alcohol.
  • Monte del Gesso Botanical Gardens, in a hamlet of the year 1000, an autonomous ecosystem  nestled on the hills near the headquarters.
  • Attention to the environment through the use of the photovoltaic system to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • A unique and complete range of highly functional colostrum-based products for topical and oral use.
  • The philosophy of Conscious product, a guarantee of fine quality that only an original made in Italy product can give.

Our certifications

  • ISO 9001 – quality management system
  • ISO 14000 – enviromental management system
  • ISO 22000 -food safety management system
  • ISO 22716 – cosmetics – good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Food supplements – FDA GMP

Our products

  • Food supplements
  • Herbal remedies
  • Single and mixed plants for herbal teas and decoctions
  • Phytocosmetics
  • Personal care products

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