Zero + is born, the Spinosi pasta designed for athletes, celiacs and diabetics. Also ideal for regaining perfect physical shape after lockdown.

In the province of Fermo, the historic Campofilone pasta factory launches egg noodles with lentil flour, born from the collaboration with Professor Fabrizio Angelini, endocrinologist and president of SINSEB (Italian Society of Nutrition, Sport and Wellness).

In the Spinosi house, tradition is renewed. As? Starting from Zero. Indeed, from Zero +.

Zero + fettuccine, organic egg pasta with 100% Italian hulled red lentil flour, is a gluten-free food specialty with high fiber and protein content (30% more than 15% on the 100 gr of traditional fettuccine ). Dedicated to athletes, people with diabetes and celiac disease but also to those who are thinking of getting back into shape after the forced home break in times of Covid.

Maintaining the authenticity of the Marche-based company, the product is made following an ad hoc supply chain, with the traditional artisan techniques of the past: eggs – from hens raised with non-GMO feed – broken by hand, processing with flours from certified mills, slow extrusion and drying of 24 hours.

The red fettuccine are signed by Vincenzo Spinosi and his son Marco, famous master pasta makers who promote the relaunch of Maccheroncini di Campofilone (IGP product since 2013), in collaboration with Professor Fabrizio Angelini, specialist in nutritional programs at Juventus and for VR 46 Academy team by Valentino Rossi. An excellent scientific-entrepreneurial combination.

“The Zero + is a functional food, an excellent travel companion for both athletes and patients suffering from metabolic diseases. Thanks to the complex carbohydrates of lentil flour, together with a good number of vegetable proteins, it guarantees a lower impact on glycaemia and insulin secretion ”- explains Professor Angelini, who gave his advice to the project free of charge. “A pasta like this, which does not cause glycemic fluctuations, is also suitable for those who have practiced little physical activity during the lockdown. If taken in moderation, in a balanced diet, it can help you lose weight. The eggs guarantee elasticity to the product, preserving its flavor and performance “.

The birth of Zero + Fettuccine with red lentils? Completely coincidental, explains Marco Spinosi, CEO of the company:

 “In 2017, following an injury, I followed a rehabilitation course at the

J Medical of Turin, assisted by the nutritional staff of Professor Angelini. Here I was prescribed a low carbohydrate diet, identical to the one intended

for the recovery of athletes: so I decided to produce low-carb egg pasta, a must for athletes “.

The meeting with Spinosi pasta takes place in Turin, in the splendid setting of the Royal Park I Roveri Golf Club, formerly the scene of numerous Italian Open and renowned international events. Attilio Girello, chef of the restaurant, explains the reasons for the choice:

“Zero + is the pasta suitable for intolerances and for those who like to eat gluten-free, a need now widespread in the food sector to which we wanted to adapt by identifying a valid alternative. An innovative, low-calorie and tasty food that enhances the flavor of the legume and perfectly holds up to cooking. The Zero + product is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of sportsmen and impeccably adapts to our reality made up of professional and amateur golfers.

Spinosi is synonymous with guarantee and quality: the highly selected Italian raw material and the “once upon a time” working process are concrete evidence of this. Innovation and tradition come together to give life to the 2.0 of Italian craftsmanship “.

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