Vivipharma Group Laboratories since 1977 in Italy, started  to research and design Hair Care treatment and became shortly a Leader on this market and on 2003 born REPHASE Alta Cosmesi niche luxury skincare cosmetic line from the intuition of his President Mrs.Viviana Giovannini,  later Chrissie Cosmetics became another expression of premium Skincare line an urban Style collection.

Vivipharma Laboratoires since 1999 move his facilities with Research and production Laboratories in Republic of San Marino and today owned different brands in his main business as HAIRCARE AND SKINCARE Treatments, as

GLYCOSAN-KENOGEN-GENETICS LPA- TRYCOGIM- SCIENCE for haircare and REPHASE- CHRISSIE COSMETICS for Skincare and not least REPHASE Private Collection Fragrances.

Ethics, transparency, honesty, respect for the environment and for people, are the trademark of each of our products.
Expression of beauty in absolute sense, for face and body. With a philosophy of a Total comfort anti-aging and wellness, taking care of different needs of Women and Men. These are the key points of Skincare and Haircare.

Experience and know-how, Patents, natural precious and bio-technology ingredients have always accompanied high quality of whole brands Skincare and Haircare

The luxury brands celebrates all aspects of beauty with the creation of Rephase Parfums private collection, mysterious, seductive accords .Unique experience and love for our skin and beauty lifestyle.

Our Team of Laboratory experts always endeavours to put people and their wellbeing at the centre of each project each project: this is why listening to our partners’ needs is our priority and allows us to deliver effective and reliable bespoke solutions.

Vivipharma Group values ,reflect where we are today and forecast what we will be tomorrow.




Export Manager Stefano Barberini


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