Since 1849 the Family ERARIO has always been involved in cultivation of vineyards and olive’s trees. 

In Apulia  it  is an ancient tradition, since 700 b.C. the Greeks did produce wines and olive oils and in this area you can see centuries  old trees and some one over 1.000 years.   In Apulia there are over 85 different kinds of grapes, but actually only few kinds are cultivated.

In the year 2006, with the participation of the Family Brunetti, the company is registered for the first time under  the name of AGRICOLA ERARIO and 2011 in a new location a new winery is build, where are located all wine cellars and silos, as well machines and wine tasting rooms and offices. 

Actually Agricola Erario own about 200.000 square metres of vineyards and about 60.000 square metres of  olive grove. The production of wine is about 400.000 lt. (500.000 bottles of 0,75 l.) and 6.000 lt. of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (7.500 bottles of 0,75 lt.).

Some plots are inland and some near the sea: some trees are only 30 years old, but some are over 70 years old: growing on different soils and exposure to the sun and the winds from the sea; all these factors contribute to different taste of wines. Primitivo of Manduria grapes grows on small trees and the harvest  is made exclusively by hand, in 2 or 3 different times from August to October, and the grapes selected at once for different alcohol % of the wine.  

The wine produced is composed of about: 65% Primitivo di Manduria DOC and DOCG, 15% Negroamaro, 7% Fiano, 5% Aleatico, 5% Chadonnay and 3% Moscato.

Agricola Erario takes a lot of care about the quality of their products and they take very much in consideration the requests and wishes of the customers; together with our designers and arts consultants we study a suitable label for the needs of customers’ specific market.

Our wines are sold in Italy as well in some foreigner countries, as Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Albania, Vietnam, Japan and China. Agricola Erario is open to new proposal of cooperation with customers, particularly when they are interested in building together a sound and long lasting relation with benefits on both sides.

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