Our History between tradition and legend

Deriving from an ancestral symbology telling about legends, magic and interactions with other civilisations, the sweets in Sardinia have never been simply food, they act as a mean of communication between men and gods, to call upon their kindness and good omen

The Antica Fabbrica del Dolce Nuorese is one of the oldest Italian confectionery brands. Its origins date back to 1885, when Battista Guiso founded in Nuoro a small pastry laboratory, starting the production of the local sweet. His fame reached its top in 1901, when Margaret of Savoy, Queen Mother of the then Kingdom of Italy, who had an especially sweet tooth for the product made in Nuoro, nominated Mr Guiso official supplier or the Royal Household.

The Heritage

In 1970 the young pastry chef Michele Bonamici bought the company. An exceptional dedication allowed them to arrive once again to a Royal Household, this time the English one. During an official trip to Italy of the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1985, Francesco Cossiga, historical customer and then President of the Italian Republic Senate, received them offering as a first gift the famous Aranciata Nuorese.

Lady Diana, who appreciated its perfume and the fine taste of this unusual sweet, will keep on ordering it for several years. 

The Evolution

Since 1995 the secret recipe guardian has been Giannicola Pala, who married Gianfranca, Michele’s daughter. An authentic artisan, he takes care of every detail, from the quality of the raw materials to the choice of the matters composing every tool, maintaining the antique rhythms, sequences and gestures.


the typical sweet homemade, given to the newlyweds as the symbol of a happy and lucky life, has represented for over two centuries the quality mark of the parties reception. Made of orange peel, almonds and honey is the perfect gift for every occasion since it adds delicacy and lightness to every event. Now also in our new versions: Light almonds free, Crumble and Crumble Light to garnish other desserts or salty dishes with an unusual topping and a delicious flavour. Naturally gluten and lactose free, no added preservatives. Thanks to the natural honey preserving action, it can last over one year if kept in a dry and fresh storage place

Delicate and light snack, fresh and tasty complement of any sweet and salty recipe with chocolate, custards, yoghurt, ice-creams, desserts and cheeses, above all the outstanding sardinian “pecorino”.

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