Arba Square places the woman at the heart of the creative process, along with her preferences and a desire to adapt her outfit rapidly to suit the various situations presented during the day or the week. The brand’s roots lie in Made in Italy taste and an eye to the future; this is a product with contemporary design and made in state-of-the-art materials, dedicated to the fast, busy lifestyle of today’s woman.

Arba Square, the story of an idea Made in Italy

Arba Square is a line of Made in Italy bags created and developed by Giovanni Francesco Duro, an independent designer based in Turin, who has redesigned the concept of bags and fashion accessories in contemporary style: functional and unusual, yet without forgetting their Italian style personality.

Arba Square’s style DNA has three elements:

  • Design: Giovanni Francesco Duro’s background as a product designer comes to the fore in the creative challenge of creating a collection of bags that are recognisable, sophisticated and in contemporary taste; a functional, ergonomic design to meet the needs of today’s woman and a hi-tech material that combines refinement, practicality and lightness.
  • Fashion, arising from the experience of a designer who grew up in his tailor father’s workshop, where he learned the allure of meticulous artisan processes and the importance of fabrics to enhance a product.
  • Local area: The name Arba Square is a homage to Turin, where Giovanni Duro grew up, and the heart of the city, Piazza Arbarello, whose porticoes are honoured in the brand’s logo.

Giovanni Francesco Duro remarks: “Arba Square seeks to be a benchmark for the women who choose it; an ally and a way of feeling comfortable and free to express their creativity and identity at any time of day and in any situation. Hence our slogan “Dress up your world”.

The concept

  • The fixed element is the body of the bag, made in E-Flex, an advanced material that’s vegan-friendly, hardwearing and ultra-lightweight, with a soft texture similar to suede.
  • The interchangeable elements are the fabric components that dress the body of the bag, available in seasonal collections which feature a variety of patterns, shapes and materials.
  • Changing the look is a simple and quick operation done at home by dressing the body of the bag with the fabric component and securing it with the external buttons.

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