ARON SRL was founded in 1989 as a company for the design and construction of plastic equipment for pressure fluids and on specific requirements. The continuous experimentation, know-how and genius of the founder made it possible to patent specific products (oil Skimmers) in the field of ecology and (self cleaning free-flow filters) in industrial filtration field, which were soon appreciated by the most demanding customer (qualified companies, Universities and Research Centers). The trained and skilled personnel, as well as the well-equipped workshop allow us to realize with the maximum flexibility and professionalism customized skimmers and special pieces, curves, tees, flanges also for large diameter pipes, tanks in PP and PE made from slabs, waterproof coatings for tanks, manufacturing on drawings. 

In the field of sea water treatment and reuse, like fish-breeding farms and large aquariums, we have been building Protein Skimmers for many years by now, which proved also to be excellent adjuvants in saltwater pre-treatment for reverse osmosis plants.


Aron srl is a limited liability company aimed at the production and supply of products and services for private and public industry. To this purpose Aron srl set up an organization whose main mission is to achieve profitability for remuneration of Members, guaranteeing above all Customer satisfaction. 

Thanks to its small and lean size, the company organization is based on flexibility of tasks for both employees and workshop personnel in their respective department.


Aron srl is an Italian company based in the South East of Italy where both headquarter, and production site are located.

Since middle 2016 Aron Factory is settled in a new owned premise, in a developing industrial site, consisting of 2100 sqm covered floor area and about 8000 sqm uncovered area.Within the covered floor area, offices insist on 120 m2 of surface, a covered area of 80 sqm is designated to warehouse for consumables and small components, a covered area of 400 sqm is designated to warehouse for raw material and finished products, while the workshop occupies the remaining 1500 sqm.   The workshop is equipped with a complete range of machinery for processing plastic materials, comprising CNC machine tools, automatic and manual welders and various workshop equipment.

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