The Irrera pastry shop was born in 1910, giving life to a tradition that will challenge time and will be handed down, unchanged, from generation to generation, until today. After the earthquake, the “Salvatore Irrera” artisan workshop, then located in the Lombard district, began to create biscuits, cannoli, pignolata, nougat, martorana fruit. Those were very different times from today, but since then, the image of a pastry shop made its way in which professionalism, attachment to work and rigorous authenticity of raw materials played and still do today the lion’s share. Products, synthesis of ancient Sicilian recipes and rigorous authenticity of the ingredients. A winning formula, which for over a century has wisely managed to combine quality, variety, hospitality and craftsmanship. Each dessert was and is made with great care. The fruits of marzipan, so beautiful they seem real, are shaped and painted by hand. Then, over the years others have been added “Delights” for the palate: cassata, pignolata and cannoli. La Cassata is a triumph of flavor given by sponge cake and an incomparable sheep’s milk ricotta, finely crafted and the daughter of the Alcantara valley farms, the cradle of excellent pastures. The cake is garnished with a thin covering of almond paste that leaves the taste of the ingredients as the protagonist. La Pignolata is one of the typical Messina desserts: sumptuous “curls” of puff pastry fried in lard, then glazed with lemon and chocolate. Cannolo is a symbol of the island’s confectionery tradition. A fragrant, very light zest, fried in lard and not in oil, preserves all the flavor of sheep’s milk ricotta carefully selected to obtain a unique taste. The version with chocolate ricotta is waiting to be discovered. Also this year, Irrera 1910 was mentioned in Gambero Rosso’s Pastry & Pastry Shops “, once again managing to enter the” Best Two Cakes “ranking of the fine food and wine guide

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