We grew up with the rhythm and pace of the farmers, with the values ​​of respect for nature and the land, techniques and traditional tools that our grandparents were sacred and unchangeable; we have been “educated” to the taste for the oil and wine tasting and seizing every year changes, the nuances of different time-dependent and soil conditions.Is born in us a real passion and, like all passions, we can not and do not want to live alone, we want to spread as much as possible and share colors, aromas and flavors that underlie an agricultural genuine, healthy and rich.As our great-grandfathers have committed their time and their life in the vineyards and olive groves, so we feel the duty and pleasure to address this “vocation”, combining respect for the land and tradition, research, technology and creativity.Our goal is to offer quality products that are found those characteristics expression of the territory, research, balance, originality, elegance and passion. L’Arco Antico srl, thanks to a careful assessment of the area, chose to devote himself to the cultivation and production of original vines of our lands: Tintilia, Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Falanghina, to produce wines of colors, aromas and flavors marked, harmonic, intense, but also delicate and velvety just like this our land of many facets that we can grasp only by ancient ties and the love that binds us to it.Our company produces not only wine but also extra virgin olive oil. It is the result of simple cold pressing of the olives and is suitable for everyone, because it is pure and digestible. The extra virgin olive oil is a product uncontaminated, the oldest juice that makes unique dishes and is a valuable ally of the welfare.The excellent quality, appreciated delicacy and low acidity of our extra virgin olive oil derive not only by the method of cold pressing, by the short time that passes between the harvest of the olives and their processing. The olives are always harvested and processed the same day, which is important to the quality of the oil.Hand picking, sourced exclusively from olives in the area of ​​the plain of Pozzilli-Venafro and the surrounding mountains, allows us to collect fruit intact and at the right stage of ripeness, to obtain an extra virgin olive oil fragrant and free of odors. Then undergoes various processes of filtering, you get to a final product clear and harmonious.

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