LeelaLab: curvy fashion tights to be yourself without compromise

LeelaLab is an emerging brand specialising in tights, leggings and anti-chafing bands for curvy women. A collection born to valorise women’s curves. Based on the philosophy of embracing and appreciating body shape and diversity. In our catalogue, you will find a vast range of plus size tights. Our objective is not just to provide comfortable oversize clothes, but also to offer curvy fashion tights able to add value to women’s curvy bodies.

The team at LeelaLab knows very well that when a woman wears something that doesn’t compliment her body and doesn’t meet her expectations, it is not because her body is the wrong shape. It’s because she hasn’t found the right garment for a curvy woman right for her size and body shape. It is not just about measurements and sizes, it’s about shapes and dimensions.

LeelaLab: fashion for curvy women that shapes the body and makes figures look slender

LeelaLab, embracing body shape awareness and pride, has created an entire collection of tights for curvy women using technical fabrics that shape the body and make it look slender, without making it feel constricted. Thanks to the homogeneous and uniform fabric, LeelaLab tights guarantee unprecedented comfort, obtained by searching for the best textile machinery. LeelaLab makes curvy tights that suit all women with generous shapes.

Among the different options created by the team at LeelaLab you will find different types of tights: from plain tights to patterned tights, from fishnets to hold-ups All specifically designed to offer every woman tights that match their style and sensuality: to be worn every day or to go with a special outfit.

LeelaLab tights: the curvy fashion accessory for sale online that does not give in to modern aesthetics criteria

This is LeelaLab’s way of standing for women who are aware and proud of their bodies and unique shapes, women who have learned to love themselves. Thanks to a vast selection of colours, LeelaLab tights are a beautiful example of how to add value to body shape and age, based on the most advanced armocromia theories. True Blue, forest green, cherry: in our online catalogue you will find many colours to match any outfit without renouncing your style or giving in to modern aesthetics criteria.

LeelaLab tights are the curvy fashion accessory you were looking for. Not a plus-size garment for a woman but a philosophy: a proper revolution that aims to help all women to appreciate their beauty and have a positive perception of their bodies. An ally against the daily struggle that every woman experiences in front of the mirror. The aim is to bring a simple message: all bodies are beautiful and deserve to be represented.

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