Briantubi is the brand under which BT Technik Srl produces surface treated tubes designed for the furniture sector and the specialized distribution, as well as decorative tubes for the home furnishing sector, in accordance with current legal requirements and using the latest and innovative technologies. The surface and the look of furnishing elements constitute one of the first criteria for appreciating the environments we live in. There is no better solution than understanding the needs of functionality and design in a single object. The answer to these needs is to create an environment where the functional elements of our furniture are exposed and visible in the finishes that no other furnishing accessory can have. Briantubi, thanks to the quality of the surfaces of the steel tubes it produces and the care of the galvanic treatments it proposes, makes possible the perfect combination between the functionality of the material element itself and the aesthetic pleasure that will strike even the eye of the most attentive to the design. Some of the finishes that Briantubi offers are: nickel, chrome, brass, carbon, copper, titanium, polished and satin. The different processes give the product specific characteristics both on a technical and aesthetic level so that it can be used in the most various applications. Briantubi was established in 1980 in Castelmarte manufacturing plastic coated tubes aimed at the sectors of furniture and furnishing. Over the years, the production range was extended to include, along with plastic coated tubes, speciality products such as PVC coated bendable tubes used for lawnmowers hndles and tubes with rigid coatings, employed in the production of roller shutter handles. With the investments in a profiling line for tubes suitable for galvanic treatment, the production facilities of Castelmarte doubled up in size. Further expansion came with the transfer to the current plant of Orsenigo. The production and logistic areas enhanced efficiency and capability. Briantubi has always taken in account the sustainability as integral part of an approach that could be said innovative. Thanks to its manufacturing processes and the quality of its products, the Company obtained in 2003 the Infinitely Recyclable certification. BT Technik Srl proudly continues to promote the brand, which for over 40 years is the trademark for the products, quality, service, flexibility, and professionalism of the Company all over the world.

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