BYMORA accessoires srl is a brand owned by the brothers Gianfranco and Battista Mora, who have been operating for over twenty years in the fashion and clothing accessories sector.
The creative direction of the company is led by the designer Gianfranco, who from the very beginning elaborates a design vision inspired by the universe of fashion and design; Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures in 2005, traveler and dreamer, he develops his own style and aesthetics and over the years interprets their essence in a unique way; it is the continuous and constant confrontation between different international realities that guides Gianfranco to the creation of real avant-garde collections, a synthesis of Quality, Beauty and Know-how.
The innovative brand BYMORA, a niche reality in the vast sector of fashion accessories, is an entrepreneurial project that was born and developed in 2000 in a small territorial reality in the province of Bergamo; the adventure takes shape thanks to the know-how of the creators, who, at the helm of a close-knit and collaborative business team, lead the company in a continuous search for cutting-edge and high-quality fashion products.
Design, Research, Heritage and Uniqueness are the values ​​expressed and made explicit by the brand, which constantly proposes and launches on the market new collections made up of innovative materials in the exclusive international fashion scene, interpreting a universal language, that of beauty, inspired by the numerous journeys in the whole world undertaken by the CEO of BYMORA Gianfranco, in a boundless research and exploration of new and different cultures, landscapes, traditions and techniques that have brought that indistinguishable plus to the products and that have inspired the creation and even before the idea behind the ‘agency.
Over the years, the product offer has been consolidated, bringing to light new collections, increasing diversification and the range of accessories, intercepting new tastes and trends, amplifying its presence in the international market.
Today BYMORA operates in the main reference markets worldwide, and has always participated in the most exclusive and selected trade fairs in the international fashion sector, offering accessories of undoubted quality, thanks to a consolidated experience in the sector.
The BYMORA brand presents itself, decoding the aesthetic canons of traditional artistic fashion, reinterpreting it in a modern and contemporary way, with unmistakable and personalized style features; every single accessory evokes memories, emotions, sensations in an original and unique product, a manifesto of made in Italy, quality, research and development, which represent the beginning of creation, the place where the idea becomes reality.
After more than 20 years, the Mora brothers continue to be the owners at the helm of BYMORA srl, although having gained different training experiences, they share the same destiny: Creating Beauty.


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