Torrefazione Morandini is a manufacturer of high-quality coffee (Caffè Morandini) founded in the 1960s by Romolo
Morandini, the father of the two current owners Pietro and Vigilio who have been running the company since 1991.
Our strengths:
Certified quality:
Our awards:
– International Coffee Tasting: Gold medal in 2006 (Miscela Oro 1000g beans), 2008 (Miscela Oro 1000g
beans), 2012 (Miscela Maxima 1000g beans), 2014 (Miscela Primo Aroma 250g ground coffee), 2016 (Miscela
Oro 1000g beans and Miscela Primo Aroma 250g ground coffee), 2018 (Miscela Maxima 1000g beans,
Biocaffè Fairtrade 500g beans, Misela Responsabile compostable capsules compatible with Nespresso
machines), 2020 (Miscela Oro 1000g beans), 2021 (Biocaffè Fairtrade 500g beans), 2022 (Miscela Oro 1000g
– International Coffee Tasting Asia: Gold medal in 2013 (in Tokyo) with Miscela Maxima 1000g in beans and
Biocaffè Fairtrade 500g in beans, in 2015 (in Taipei) with Miscela Maxima 1000g in beans, in 2019 (in Tokyo)
with Miscela Oro 1000g in beans and Miscela Maxima 1000g beans;
– Vinitaly / Isola sensoriale: Best coffee 2014 (Miscela Maxima and Biocaffè Fairtrade).
Our certifications:
– Certification “Fairtrade” (aut. n. 23718);
– Certification “Organic” for the product and the production process (aut. n. 6830) – CCPB;
– Certification “OK Compost” (aut. N. S0807) – TUV AUSTRIA.

Advanced production plant
The roasting plant makes it possible to treat individually each different coffee qualities, automatically varying the
roasting time and temperatures, in order to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics of each different coffee quality.
At the end of the process, coffees are mixed together giving rise to different products that are able to satisfy even the
most demanding palates.
In 2018 we installed two state-of-the-art, fully automated plants for the packaging of pods (E.S.E. System) and capsules
(compatible with Nespresso); we decided to offer compostable single serving products from the start, trying to
differentiate from the huge competition that characterizes this business.

Wide range of products and formats

The offer of Caffè Morandini consists of several blends and formats:
– Beans (1000 g, 500 g, 250 g);
– Ground coffee vacuum packed (250 g);
– Compostable E.S.E. pods (packets of 18 pieces and 150 pieces);
– Compostable capsules compatible with Nespresso machines (packets of 10 pieces and 100 pieces);
To ensure a perfect maintenance of the product, the packets in beans are equipped with an aroma-safety valve that keeps
oxygen from getting into the packet and that helps degassing


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