The Mozzarella di Bufala Campana P.O.D. it has long been at the top of the ranking of the “treasures” of Italian gastronomy. The “Dairy La Bufalat” has been producing delicious Mozzarella di Bufala Campana D.O.P. for years. and other products deriving from buffalo milk.

The dairy is in Matinella di Albanella, in the fertile Sele Plan, crossed by the river of the same name, which is located in

south of the province of Salerno. Albanella is 12 km from the archaeological site of Paestum and is a town contiguous to the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, a healthy and uncontaminated area.

Mrs. Emmanuela Botti has been at the helm of the dairy for some years and has been able to acquire the right skills to do the job of “Company Captain” well. As evidence of this, there are the growth results that the dairy has been accumulating since it has been at the helm. The general management is entrusted to Dr. Sergio Carrozza who has been working in the sector for almost twenty years.

The buffalo bred in Italy received the denomination of “Italian Mediterranean buffalo”. The milk used by the “Dairy La Bufalat” comes entirely from selected and controlled farms, located in locations close to the Dairy. According to the provisions of the PDO specification, mozzarella must be produced with 100% Italian Mediterranean buffalo milk, coming from farms located in the PDO area, processed within 60 hours of milking and with a high protein and fat content. above default values. “Dairy La Bufalat” stipulates annual contracts with the Breeders obviously asking them not only to respect the parameters of the specification but to improve them according to principles and rules that always want the milk itself to be at the highest quality.

The milk, mozzarella and the activity of the dairy itself are subjected to constant and rigorous checks.

The La Bufalat Dairy operates in self-control in compliance with HACCP standards; moreover, having worked for years with players in the large-scale distribution and in the DO, it works and is therefore certified in the management system for food safety according to the regulations EN ISO 22000: 2018 CAT .: C1 – F1.

Bufalat, in the panorama of dairies that produce MBC PDO, by virtue of the quantity of milk processed, can be defined as “medium-sized”. It follows that the production is done with the aid of machinery: the reference is to the multipurpose machines, the spinner and the moulders. A correct definition of the production method used by Bufalat is however that of a “semi-artisan” production.

The type of package we deal with are from:

assisted counter (primary packaging: heat-sealed bags with tuft – secondary packaging: polystyrene with 12 bags of 250 gr / each inside)

self-service (primary packaging: jar (spherical-shaped mozzarella) / tub (250 g braid – braid) – secondary packaging: polystyrene with 6 250 g cans or with 8 250 g tubs – the hypothesis of use cardboard instead of polystyrene only for jars and trays)

Bufalat’s customers are important players in the Italian GDO and DO, wholesalers and operators in the HORECA sector. Furthermore, there are several non-Italian customers.

In the past, La Bufalat had a customer in DUBAI, so he knows the export regulations of this country.

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