The “Cleto Munari Company” was born in the early 70s, starting off with the production of its first design objects in precious metals created by the greatest architecture stars of that time.

The years from 1970 till 1980 meant very much to founder Cleto Munari himself in terms of stylistic research, which led to exploring new artistic forms of expression, in close collaboration with architects, designers and artists from all over the world on designing objects for everyday objects.

At first, the Cleto Munari Company mainly focused on luxury goods, that is silverware, jewels, watches, and soon later Murano glasses, ceramic, writing, too.

In the first decade of this century born the “Furniture Collection” with a limited production of tables, sideboards, bookcases, containers, and so on.

Later more furniture pieces have been added, and this line has been growing and developing up to today: they are creations by different architects, artists, big names collaborating together on one same project about furniture development, under the name of “Ars Vivenda”. This vein of production aims at a new form of artistic expression which literally ‘enters’ our lives and becomes a part of them, transforming our daily actions and gestures — such as opening a wardrobe door — in rituals that let us take part in an artistic masterpiece.

It is an art which is supposed to be lived, and not merely stared at. We could try to grasp its meaning with names such as “ars vivenda” (‘art to be lived’, in Latin) or “articipate” (‘participate in art’); anyway, whatever you call it, it will always stir your deepest emotions as you are at the same time enjoying and performing such a magical artistic experience.

In the second decate of this century born the “Cleto Munari Carpets Collection”, a collection of about thirty models of carpets completely handmade with wool and silk, in Turkey, according to the most ancient traditional manufacturing techniques. The Carpets line is a limited production, with only twentynine pieces for each design model.

Today the works belonging to the Cleto Munari Collections are in the permanent collection of many Museum all over the world including The Metropolitan Museum of art and MOMA in NY.


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