Our Story: Colorificio Pettograsso was founded in 1982 from an idea of Mr. Fortunato. His practical work experience had been a big asset in the choice and production of decorative items and in the usage of professional products for his company. His determination and skills, year after year, have allowed a constant growth of the business. Over the last 40 years, the company has consolidated its role in the market thanks to the willingness and the passion to provide the most efficient and advanced solutions for the client.
Additionally, in the most recent years, the company has started to offer interior design services to its clients. Precisely, our specialists create innovative render packages to help customers to visualise how the final product (private residences, commercial spaces, etc) will look like before any real-life work has been done.

Our Mission: A deep respect for its family business roots combined with the implementation of modern solutions is our precise specialization policy. In this way, the company has brought to life a highly
qualified core business, able to aid customers with great professionalism, finding the most suitable solutions for every need and offering innovative materials and ideas, always.

Our Products: Since 2016, the Colorificio has enriched its already wide range of products with the new MY ESTRO line, a silver sandblasted interior decoration applicable on multiple types of surfaces.
Additionally, few new products have been added recently to the line: MY ESTRO WHITE, MY ESTRO GOLD, MY ESTRO SETA, MY ESTRO RUST, MY STAR, MY STONE, MY STONE GLASS AND MY ESSENZA.
All our products follow our simple principle: allow to transform clients ideas into reality by bringing a distinctive touch of indisputable charm and elegance to any environment.
Moreover, Colorificio Pettograsso also offers a complete range of high-quality water-based paints capable of responding to any wall painting requirement for both interiors and exteriors.

Our Values: Experience, quality, innovation, and excellence. These are the secret ingredients of a brand 100% made in Italy.

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