Corîu is an Italian Brand formed in 2019 in Acquaviva delle Fonti, Italy. Our collections are the product of a collective imagination deeply influenced by the Puglia region, rich in history and tradition. Corîu represents our origins, our passion for Made in Italy ideals, pride in local craftsmanship, and excellence of leathers and leather goods.

Craftsmanship is one of the pillars of Puglia’s traditions. It is a region that since ancient times has been shaped by traditions of the making of wicker and wrought iron, the creation of mosaics and terracotta, the art of bobbin lace and lace itself.

Corîu translates these ancient traditions into pieces with classical and timeless design.
Support of craftsmanship is Corîu’s mission. In the world of fashion, it is extremely hard to maintain the entire value chain within the same territory yet Corîu chooses to keep the entire manufacturing process 100% local, in Puglia, Italy.
Our experience through the generations has led us to master the art and appreciate all of its qualities and inner aspects.
Our bags are designed for a very dynamic person – someone who feels at ease switching between business meetings and everyday commitments, not forgetting that fashion is a matter of style.

Our leather goods are made from vegetable-tanned leathers. This is an ancient, slow, and eco-sustainable technique, which requires more than two months of processing.

The leathers come from artisanal tanneries in Tuscany, which ensure their high sustainability standards and aesthetic preservation of the skin itself. A slow and environmentally-safe approach to celebrate leather’s natural origin.

For Corîu, sustainability means respect for nature combined with a slow fashion attitude.
The ability to change over time, and to age beautifully with everyday wear, are the most eye-catching features of Corîu’s leathers and accessories. The leathers acquire new nuances and a characteristic “patina” that transforms the bags into unique “worn” pieces, reflecting the individual lifestyle of each owner.

Corîu’s color palette takes its inspiration from the natural elements of Puglia: the light and warm shadows of Lecce tuff, the moors of Puglia’s “terroir”, the grays of the silvery foliage of our olive trees.

Each bag is entirely handmade by our team of artisans who take care of every production step: hand-cutting leathers, assembly, and final handmade stitching. We pay special attention to every detail and perform a rigorous quality check before delivering each bag to our final customers.


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