Crimark srl was founded in 1998 for the packaging of sugar, subsequently joins the coffee roasting department, in 2018 it received from the Lazio Region the recognition of the suitability of the plant for the packaging of food supplements in solid form, in powders, granules and sachets, even coffee-based. Crimark believes it is the only Italian roasting company that can make coffee-based food supplements.

The company has always shown a great interest in the growth and development of new products by rapidly adopting technologically advanced solutions, today all production and packaging processes take place with machinery in line and within the same structure, including the printing of the wrappers.

Crimark has always shown attention to placing products on the market in compliance with the various religions, cultures and needs of its customers,
for which he requested and obtained the following certifications:

    • HALAL                      for practitioners of the Muslim religion
    • KOSHER                   for practitioners of the Jewish religion.
    • ORGANIC                for people who require healthier products.
    • TUV                         for biodegradable, environmentalist products.
    • VEGAN                    for people with a vegan lifestyle. (ongoing)
    • F.D.A.                      control and export to the United States.
    • IFS                           for distribution in large-scale distribution
    • ISO 90001/2015    for GDO and DO food distribution
    • Crimark products   are recognized among the Italian excellences.

The high degree of technical know-how that the company’s experts boast and the specific expertise in the coffee sector allow it to meet the increasingly demanding needs of its customers, truly promoting and expanding the culture of drinking coffee, with coffees coming from all parts of the world.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of coffee, and to various courses and passing the master’s degree achieved by the operators at the I.I.A.C. (International Institute of Coffee Tasters), the company is able both to create blends according to the best Italian tradition and to expand the knowledge of single-origin coffees.

The coffee is processed and packaged after a careful selection of the best types, which can be consumed alone or blended, to create delicious personalized coffee blends.
After an initial examination of green (raw) coffee and skilful cooking and grinding, the appearance, aroma and taste in the cup are assessed.

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