Cristalleria Fratelli Fumo S.r.l. was born in 1960 from a dream of Mr. Luigi Fumo to create a company where handmade glasses could represent the main character. Its headquarters in Marcianise (near by the Caserta’s Royal Palace) covers a surface of 8000 mt.

His sons, Vincenzo, Armando and Alfredo, pursue his path with a massive and imperative target: making know the Made in Italy all over the world.

Indeed, from the first ’80s Cristalleria F.lli Fumo S.r.l. has started to spread its idea via the major International distribution groups, such as TJX Companies, Ross Stores Inc., bringing an Italian handmade glass on American, Australian, French, English tables.

Production is shaped on customers’ needs: the semi-automatic one is able to reach 25.000 glasswares everyday. On the other hand, their artisans can reach a 6.000 glasswares production thanks to their passion and precision in handmade decorations. The possible decorations are so many: a simple gold or platinum rim on the upper part makes elegant a simple glass, or the bottom part can be coloured with organic painting making a home party colourful. There are also many handmade decorations that recreate a Baroque and elaborate stlyle, such as thousands of flowers’ shapes coverred with gold. Their artisans are able to paint your ideas on glasswares.

Cristalleria Fratelli Fumo S.r.l. is always in step with times as all families are reconsidering the use of glass on everyday meal: both in order to approach an eco-friendly idea and to make our tables more special and elegant.

Fumo brothers are proud also to recognise most of their glasswares in Hollywood’s movies and in Horeca division.

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