I am Paola Dai Prà, CEO of Dai Prà S.R.L. , an Italian company which manufactures and designs mixing and injection plants for cement mixtures and injection accessories. The company portfolio covers several geotechnical applications such as micropiles, anchoring and ties, geothermal works, consolidation and land reclamation among others. Dai Prà S.R.L. is characterized by three core values: the quality of its products, the human-centered design, and the down-to-earth customer-oriented approach. Thanks to these values we have a strong presence in Europe while exporting globally directly or through our partners. Our team includes sector experts with many years of experience in the management of construction sites and practical knowledge of drilling, soil injection, consolidation technologies and techniques who can advise the clients in the selection of the most suited system based on their requirements. We act as a partner for our clients by setting up a collaborative environment to discuss the working site needs and develop the best technical solutions to tackle them. We support the clients along their full journey, starting from job advisory, development of ad-hoc systems, product customization, working site early support and ramp up, remote or in-loco technical support and maintenance. Our mission is to provide the best-in-class systems to simplify the clients everyday work and increase the productivity and the performance of their working sites. For this reason, while introducing new digital and 4.0 industry technologies, we always develop the systems keeping in mind the end users and the usability.


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