Paone history
In 1878, shortly after the unification of Italy, Domenico Paone founded an artisan workshop in Formia to produce bread and pasta, as well as a steam-powered mill and a fleet of motorised sail boats to supply grain from ports in the South of Italy. In 1928, entirely at his own expense, he built a square to protect the coastline and donated it to the city of Formia. Two years later, he was honoured with the title “Captain of Industry” (Cavaliere del lavoro).
Since then, four more generations of master pasta makers have continued to uphold and advance the tradition of “buona pasta”. Today, the Paone pasta factory is one of the oldest and most highly skilled Italian companies in the world.

Pasta by Domenico
The superior quality pasta in our Domenico line is dedicated to our founder and to the “arte bianca” – the art of baking. In a more general sense, it is also dedicated to the stunning art on display in our country’s unique monuments and wonderful cities.

The superior quality of our Domenico line:

  • Water sourced from the ancient spring at Capodacqua (discovered in 72 A.D.). A source of life for the entire coast since ancient Roman times. Always a key ingredient in making our pasta.
  • We select the finest Italian S1 Riserva wheat from Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and Puglia. S1 Riserva semolina is the finest Italian semolina. This semolina is milled again to remove any impurities. This results in a semolina with a precisely chosen grain size and a more granular consistency. Even more importantly, its higher-quality gluten content is closer to its natural state.
  • 100% Italian flavour. As well as 100% Italian raw ingredients, we process all food products to professional standards and in a controlled environment at our workshop in Formia. Each type of pasta has been created to perfectly suit Italian cuisine and our traditional sauces and pairings.
  • Rough bronze drawing. We believe that one benefit of using this slower, more meticulous process is the slightly rougher feel of the pasta. A typical quality of an artisan product, this ensures that the sauce coats the pasta perfectly, just as we Italians like – setting our pasta apart from all others.
  • A history spanning over 140 years. A plate of pasta doesn’t have to tell a story – but, then again, we have never offered our customers “just” a plate of pasta… This has been true for over 140 years. We represent four generations of artisan skill, experience and research, passed down through the years.


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