The Atelier

Elli&Rini is an atelier where design, beauty, art and technology come together to look for innovative ideas and solutions designed for human beings and their well-being, in their daily private and professional lives. The founders of the Elli&Rini brand are two engineers, Federica Foiadelli and Sergio Vaccarini, two engineers by training, who thanks to their humanistic passion for art, music, fashion, classics and nature are able to bring together their innate basic thoroughness and orientation for everything that is innovative and technological in a vision based on a new harmony between what is physical and digital in a “humanised” dimension. This is all done while continually searching for what is new and beautiful and with two fixed points: Milan, headquarters of the workshop, their “home”, from which they draw inspiration and energy and their “being”, the excellence of Made in Italy. With a view towards the international scene, to which they want to bring Italian culture and art.

Creativity, versatility, design, art, fashion and technology. All the values representative of Elli&Rini come together in PIANETA: the new frontier of modern, professional and private living. Outside, a lamp-sculpture, which illuminates and furnishes the environment: a micro-cosmos of 2.5 m 2 , which adapts to luxury contexts, representative offices, hôtellerie, boutiques and living spaces, made with eco-sustainable materials, such as wood, stones and plants that supplement and harmonise with the surrounding environment. Inside a “comfort zone” furnished and equipped for professional and leisure activities, including high-tech workstation, digital screens for watching the latest films in HD or conversely making a video call for a professional discussion, woofer and audio systems for listening to music or your interlocutor as if they were next to you, an enveloping seat and modular lighting. The intimacy of a highly personalised space, open to the outside, to family, corporate and public life depending on its location yet intimate at the same time, which isolates while remaining at the centre of the scene and the reality that flows around. An environment “within” the environment: PIANETA as an object that furnishes and fills the environment, any environment, with light and beauty, respecting compactness, taste and refinement.

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