AEOLUS Appliances is a worldwide company with dealers and representative agencies in 65 countries. The main activity is the production and the worldwide distribution of highly innovative, functional and long-lasting quality products. AEOLUS Appliances consists of “Home” and “Professional” divisions that work synergistically through two efficient operating structures of R&S and Marketing Analysis, to provide effective answers to the changing needs of the society with a wide range of household appliances and professional equipment for companies.

The international headquarter is located in Florence (Italy), a land which has always been inhabited by creative and innovative people, born from the Squilloni Industries’ experience for over 60 years in the “WASHING – DRYING – IRONING – CLEANING” sectors, both for household appliances and in the professional field. IronDryers, steam irons, ironing tables, steam vacuum cleaners and scrubbers which are just some of the categories of our product lines:

– Irondryers line (mannequins for automatic drying and ironing)

– Ironing line (irons and ironing tables, steam generators, mannequins and toppers, presses, ironers and bagging machines)

– Cleaning line (steam generators, professional vacuum cleaners, floor washers, sweepers, pressure washers, sanitizers and ozone machines)

– Accessories line (all for technical assistance and spare parts)

Our products are born respecting the environment and they are appropriate for a demanding clientele who requires high performances, functional duration in time, practicality of use and speed in working.

AEOLUS Appliances success is due to the excellent advertisement of all our customers and to the people who constantly work hard and with passion: from the workman to the specialized technician, from the sales agent to the production manager. Our company strengths are the enterprising and dynamic spirit of our staff the flexible production, the pursuit of total customer satisfaction. AEOLUS Appliances allows to customize each product to customers specific needs. Customers will be assisted before, during and after the product purchase. The company provide information and support through their online services. The community well-being is the priority aim achieved through a constant attention in realizing innovative and excellent products, always compatible to a careful environment respect policy: all our products are 100% recyclable, thanks overall to the careful suppliers selection and product processes realization.

AEOLUS Appliances keeps incentivizing a stronger rootedness of the “Green economy” philosophy in its own business knowledge.

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