WHO WE ARE Founded in 1923 in Milan by a small group of entrepreneurs, Fabbrica Chimica Unione has always maintained its connotation of a small and flexible family company, able to modify structures, machinery and production according to needs, market demand, customers and various historical periods. During its hundred years of history Fabbrica Chimica Unione, with its well-known brands such as Reflex, Nero Inferno and Grasso Foca, has always been a point of reference in the Italian scene for shoe care and leather care, and still remains today an excellence for the quality of the products. Competence, entrepreneurship and the high quality of Made in Italy products have allowed us to expand our market throughout Europe and in many other countries around the world. During last years we have moved our core business to the fast-developing sector of private label, especially for supermarket and big retail shops.

OUR PRODUCTS We offer to our customers high quality products at competitive prices, through a personalized shopping experience and aimed to establishing profitable and long-lasting relationships. Our shoe and leather care products include:  creams, waxes, liquids, dyes, aerosols, accessories, insoles, heel cushions and heel-pads, glues and many accessories. We select our European suppliers choosing with accuracy every raw material. Each product is studied in detail in our laboratory, where we are able to create all kinds of formulas: in recent years we have been paying great attention to ecological formulas that are increasingly appreciated by our customers.

PRIVATE LABEL Full Service oriented, we design product with our customer, defining all possible details: features, formulas, materials, manufacturing methods, legislative aspects. We offer a proven system create a successful product. Our solid know -how is Worldwide available to every commercial reality.



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