To make a unique and timeless accessory is uncommon.
Achieving Excellence and making it Exclusive is given to a few wise masters ….

FAGGIOLI ATELIER is situated in Ferrara, a Medieval city, cradle of the famous ESTENSI dynasty culture and a strategic point connected with Venice, Bologna and Milan.

Over 30 years have passed since the Family Company started to trade in fine exotic leathers and thanks to the artisan production process and continuous research for high quality, it achieved a sound international reputation in the Luxury leather sector.
The ethic and attention to the detail that has characterized the Faggioli Family for over three decades passed to Alessandra and Nathalie Faggioli who created in 2018 the luxury brand FAGGIOLI ATELIER.

Today the “creations” of Alessandra and Nathalie Faggioli maintain the same artisan spirit: selection of high-quality skins, meticulous attention to the details and their great know how are maintained: Every “creation” is carefully hand-made by Master artisans, it’s a unique piece, inimitable in all its elements and it is meant to become an Icon of the MADE IN ITALY style.

But the rules of styles and colours are transformed:

Lines are firm and clear; shapes are harmonious but geometric and inspired by Art and by “great” Master of Modern Design.

FAGGIOLI ATELIER Luxury Collections challenge the rules of colours inventing unique combinations and nuances leaving free interpretation to the personality of their clients.
“We believe in the concept of Understated Luxury: our “creations” in alligator, lizard and other luxury skins must be dressed every day, during all occasions.”

FAGGIOLI ATELIER Luxury concept is every day and full season …

Our clients find classic, but always revised models of bags and shoes up to the most fashionable sneakers and backpacks …
The JEWELRY LINE is a mix of exclusive and unique pieces of art made by golden and silver treatments to the alligator and even more embellished with precious stones.

And every item can be “MADE TO ORDER” for the highest satisfaction of the CLIENTS.

ATELIER FAGGIOLI collections have been shown at International Events and Shows in Florence, Forte Dei Marmi, Milan, Paris, Far East and Middle East.

They are permanently shown at IL SALOTTO DI MILANO, a luxury showroom/boutique in the “Quadrilatero della Moda” of Milano, in the Principality of Monaco, in Paris, at Level Shoes in the Dubai Mall, in the luxury online boutique MNSRW.COM …


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