Is CLEAN AIR Italia S.r.l.


ISCLEANAIR is a business in roll-out since April 2017, which pursues the technological development and IPRs (intellectual properties rights) transfer’ models, the industrialization and commercialization of innovative solutions through the versatile, flexible, and scalable APA – Air Pollution Abatement technology; it is filter-less, based on simple water and mechanical processes, operates in a distributed manner both indoors and outdoors, and eliminates up to 99% Particulate Matter and a wide range of other chemical and gaseous pollutants in the ambient air we all breathe.

The filterless, chemical-free APA technology has been strongly certified also for the ability to remove even nanoparticles, as low as 20 nm (smaller dimensions than Sars Cov 2 – Coronavirus), unique in the world hence effective in making indoor spaces not only cleaner but also healthier and safer.

Thanks to it, our “CLEAN AIR global business model” is a concrete combination of services and solutions modulated and set up for answering the new stakeholders’ and markets’ needs and requirements, providing healthier and safer spaces everywhere we live and work, and generating awareness of this new social service we propose for the benefits of the people and the environment: “Clean air for all, everywhere”.

APA is:

– NATURE-BASED, because APA reproduces the natural purifying effect of rain;

– SUSTAINABLE: because it uses only water and does not use filters or other chemical compounds;

– VERSATILE: because it lends itself to being used both indoors and outdoors, but above all to allow the most varied shapes and sizes.


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