The history of La Baronia cheese factory begins on February 19th 1990, the day when the two cousins Luca and Alfonso Cutillo give life to a dairy activity. The Mozzarella at La Baronia cheese factory is produced exclusively with buffalo milk crop in the hilly area of the province of Caserta in Campania, called “alto casertano”, at the foot of the ridge of Maggiore mountain, in a territory called just “La Baronia”, which takes the name of the company.

For about 30 years the processing of milk has been taking place following the ancients production fees and, despite the large average size of the cheese factory, the cousins Cutillo carry on the craftsmanship of the process made by pasta filata method of working “cutted off” by hands, working daily the milk that, without the addition of additives and preservatives, preserves the organoleptic qualities and the old flavors. The buffalo mozzarella cheese is the result of an handmade product rich of taste, full- bodied, perfectly balanced in the salt dosages, able to strongly reply to D.O.P. dictates of whitch it belongs; it is a unique product since it is born within an agricultural area where the wisdom and the meticulousness of the dairy staff make possible a production of quality.

To Keep the tradition has been possible thanks to two important factors: the conditions and the conduct of the buffaloes farm and due to the environmental characteristics. In the herds of Cutillo family, in fact, the animals live in a perfect health-sanitary condition, thanks to the attention for their nutrition and the performance of a single daily milking. The quality and wholesomeness air, the salts present in the soil in an area free of industrial settlements and the favorable wind, finally, are the result of a unique and unquestionably good production.

Over the years, this approach has allowed a significant development of the volume of activity. For the two founders the success is to search “in the delicacy of mozzarella cheese. The buffalo and his milk express their best quality in our farm. Today, like

yesterday, our mozzarella cheese retains those hints of flavorful milk and of nature that represent the added value of our production”. The cheese factory, next to the tradition of high quality products, has joined a very dynamic management involved in the food safety first: the “Caseificio La Baronia”, in fact, has an internal laboratory for quality control of the raw materials used in the production process.





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