Since its foundation and respecting the most careful peasant Italian tradition, the pasta factory has grown.  From a small workshop, it has become a company, managed by the third generation of the family, which has increased production while maintaining the same spirit and passion as always, respecting the classic recipes of grandmothers, which we jealously preserve to produce our pasta.

Today, in fact, in the Cucina delle Langhe range there are more than 50 typical products: from the classic Panzerotti and Ravioli with the typical “stuffed” that makes them unique in shape, to gnocchi with a taste that only local potatoes can guarantee. But also, the classic Tagliatelle and spaghetti, well known and appreciated, which together with trofie and tortellini represent the best of the territory at the table.

From fresh pasta with classic fillings, produced all year round, to the “seasonal” ones that you will find only in certain periods because goodness is guaranteed only with the freshness of the raw material. We have been producing pasta for almost forty years but the passion and care for food has remained intact, because we always want to offer the best quality and the highest standards.

Cucina delle Langhe is inspired by this great tradition, which produces its range of products only with the best raw materials: eggs from free-range hens, strictly Italian flour, fillings prepared with 100% PDO cheeses, such as Italian Ricotta, Raschera DOP and quality vegetables that grow in the area and only in a few periods of the year. A wide range that can satisfy all tastes and the finest palates with more than 50 typical products of the Italian cuisine.

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