The Atelier
The opening of Nina Mancini (N) atelier in Crucoli Torretta (Kr) in the splendid Ionian Calabria, dates back to 1989.  The Atelier was opened by the calabrian model maker and dressmaker Nina Mancini who studied  at the school “Lo Giuduce”in Milan and had many years of experience by Mila Schon. Then she decided to continue the work as a dressmaker in her homeland, Calabria. The detailed knowledge of tailoring, modelling and tissue accumulated since childhood as a dressmaker’s apprentice  in Milan will distinguish the model maker.

Emilio Mazzitello, continuity and innovation
Emilio Mazzitello,  is the natural heir of his mother’s passion for fashion. After his studies at the Marangoni School in Milan and his work experience at the Designer Industry he chooses and decides to come back in Calabria to work in the atelier of his family with his mother Nina Mancini.

He has a modern view of what will be the future of the stylist in the new millennium. In the creation of fashion he goes back to its origins, he rediscovers the hand-made and the craft tailoring. Into the family workshop Emilio M. produces handmade clothes as his mother does and as he’s learned to do; he emphasizes the continuity of knowing how to build outfits and outerwear  ennobling historical concepts such as craftsmanship, tailoring, wearability, quality. These historicl concepts of tailoring  become with Emilio Mazzitello the key points for his creations.

The evolution of the 2.0 craftsman
Nina Mancini atelier is always based on the concept of tradition and craftsmanship. At the same time it constantly confronts itself with the new digital tools taking care to place its dresses in the right and refined contexts.

The tradition of the hand – crafted atelier
Nina Mancini and Emilio Mazzitello following the logic of the historical maison based on the custom- made concept offer to their clients impeccable dresses: trousers, shirts, men’s taste suits, evening dresses, special occasion dresses, wedding dresses. A collection of clothes thought for day, for night, for ceremonies, for special events and for everyday life; they’re inspired by distant eras and styles, but especially by the workday of its clients, young professionals who wish the “handmade” and appreciate the accurate designers’ sight, the passion dedicated to the work, the timeless modernity of the realized clothes.

Latest presentations 2016 Nina Mancini
The promotion of tailoring and handmade Made in Italy will lead the designers to take part events, fashion shows, exhibitions and events in the luxury sector in Italy and abroad under the brand Nina Mancini “N”. Into the neoclassical building of Mazzitello – Mancini family in Crucoli Torretta (redesigned by the same stylist in spaces and furnishings) they  also create and organize valuable and suggestive parades-presentations of capsule collection dedicated to our customers , to insiders, to dealers, buyers and journalists.


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