Marini Marmi Srl is a family business, founded in 1897 by Giuseppe Marini. From its origin Marini extracted and processed its stones from the own quarries. Before the second war, about 300 people were employed in quarrying and processing in our company. 

Today we are 23 people: 5 in quarry 13 in the factory and 5 in the office. Giulio and Giancarlo Marini are the owners of this company, at the fourth generation, Giulio is CEO and he takes care of the quarry and sales, his brother is head of production.

Marini is located in northern Italy, in the Lombardy region, on the western shore of Lake Iseo, in Bergamo province, in the municipalities of Castro and Solto Collina. Now he is building a new factory in Sovere to improve production and logistics.

In 1993 Marini Marmi decided to extract Ceppo di Gré from underground quarry. These important investments allowed us to obtain the stone with superior technical characteristics compared to the previous stone extracted open-air. After years of research, in the heart of the mountain we found the best place to open the new quarry for our new Nuvolato di Gré marble. This extraction system, using new technologies, improved safety in the quarry environment, enhancing the stone production in order to supply the raw material necessary for new orders and even in large projects. Furthermore, the reduction of the environmental impact and the improvement of the extractive activity will guarantee us a good coexistence with the population and the activities in the area in the future.

After being extracted blocks are washed, checked and measured. With our multi-blade diamond gang saws, we saw blocks every day, obtaining slabs of various thicknesses, to satisfy customer requests. The slabs are selected and stored to proceed with the required surface finishes. Our company is specialized to produce cut-to-size customized with our exclusive natural stones Ceppo di Gré, Nuvolato di Gré and our reconstructed stone Aggloceppo®, using the newest CNC machines and then finished by hand with professionalism and passions by expert hands.

Our goal is to supply high quality products and for this reason we make a strict quality control from the quarry to the finish products.

We constantly invest in technologies and machinery, but the ingenuity and work of man is irreplaceable.

Our main production is dedicated to architecture, design and furniture. 

Some of projects we supplied won important International Awards.



Export Manager GIULIO MARINI


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